Compression Stockings & Arm Sleeves Buyer's Guide

As a former therapist and current retailer of compression stockings and lymphedema arm sleeves, I understand how confusing it can be to navigate the many lines and styles of stockings and arm sleeves manufactured today. Below is a "cheat sheet" for selecting model lines based upon what's important to you. Of couse, not all sizes and compressions are available in all lines. Click on a model line for details on sizes, colors, and options.

Compression Stockings


Arm Sleeves & Gauntlets

Value Priced Stockings
Value Priced / EveryDay Socks
Value Priced Sleeves / Gauntlets
Juzo: Basic
Mediven: Assure
  Juzo: 5800  15-20 mmHg 
Mediven: For Men 8-14 mmHg 
Sigvaris: Classic & Classic Dress
Jobst: for Men
  Juzo: 1100 gauntlet   
Comfort Fit Stockings
Athletic Socks
Comfort Fit Sleeves
Juzo: Soft
Mediven: Comfort
Sigvaris: Select Comfort & 
232 Cotton
Juzo: Silver Sole ankle sock &
crew cut
Mediven: CEP (coming soon)
Sigvaris: Athletic Recovery Sock
Juzo: Soft 2001 & 2002
Mediven: Harmony Arm Sleeve & Mondi Esprit
Fashion Stockings
Fashion Support Socks
Fashion Sleeves
Juzo: Soft 2000
Mediven: Sheer & Soft
Sigvaris: Sheer Fashion & Allure
Jobst: Ultrasheer
  Juzo: Attractive Sheer
Mediven: Sheer & Soft
Sigvaris: Sheer Fashion
Jobst: Ultrasheer
  Juzo: Dreamsleeves
Lymphedivas: Dozens of Patterns!
Sheer/Transparent Stockings
Diabetic Care
Juzo: Hostess & 44600 Sheer
Mediven: Sheer & Soft
Sigvaris EverSheer& Sheer Fashion
Jobst: Ultrasheer
  Sigvaris: Diabetic Compression
Jobst: Sensifoot



John Wellum is on the Board of Lymphedema Resources, Inc., which is a 501(c)3 charity raising awareness for the potential for development of lymphedema and assuring availability  of resources for treatment. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and has been based in Southwest Florida for over 20 years.


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